5 Winter Wedding & Engagement Survival Tips

October 23, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

It's the beginning of engagement season - - but... it's the end of Autumn and Winter is coming on! How do you plan on having your engagement photos taken? Or your wedding photos in the snow?? No worries! Here are five tips to make sure you are prepared to make the most of the photo session AND the season.


  1.  Less Daylight Hours   Shorter days means taking night photos into consideration. You'll want to conclude your ceremony by 2 pm if you want to capture outdoor shots.  Engagement photos should be scheduled for mornings or early afternoons for the best sunlight
  2. Bad Weather = Bad Traffic   Leave extra time for travel. Reduced visibility combined with icy or wet roads means longer travel times.  Figure extended travel times into your schedules
  3. Dress Warmly and / or Bring Ample Clothing Changes I know that gown shouldn't be covered up, it's just too beautiful! But, think about your photos on a snow-covered road or field.  Bring boots or at the very least a nice, warm pair of socks. A pretty white feather shawl or fur will compliment your gown. Umbrellas look sexy when you and your groom hide behind them for silhouette shots! Bring warming beverages: eggnog, cocoa, hot cider and enjoy with the wedding party after your photo session!
  4. Look for Holiday Decorations and Lights    Dramatic displays are all over in celebration of the season. Don't forget to take advantage of them when they appear in public places.  Even a blur of passing holiday shoppers (colorful bags in hands) will create a fun effect!
  5. Wedding Location Ideas   Think historic mansion with grand fireplaces that are decked in holly or pine boughs. Hotel lobbies, or even indoor shopping malls with huge trees make for a lovely accessory. Wreaths! Garlands! Trees!  Even a holiday tree lot usually has a string of outdoor lights! Incorporate the decoration ideas into your images!


You professional photographer has thought of all these and more!  Be sure to provide Pinterest ideas and be creative.  Your wedding photographs capture your forever memories forever!  Call me for your free consultation - 908-229-1694


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