Four Tips for Your Engagement Photo Session

October 10, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

September officially starts the beginning of engagement season. It peaks during the winter holidays and usually concludes with another bump for St. Valentines Day. What does this mean for you? Well, one of the first things you'll want to do is set a date and right up there in the top five list, is to hire a wedding and engagement photographer.  Why so soon?  Three little words (and it's not "I love you"), SAVE. THE. DATE. 

Today's families are busy and without a placeholder on their calendars for you, vacations and other important events can nudge you right off that calendar page. So, now that you've settled on a fantastic engagement photographer to capture your blooming love on your radiant faces, you'll need some guidance for how to go about your engagement session. Allow me to provide that with the experience from the engagement sessions I've completed.

  1. Bring a change of clothes. A simple color change in your shirt or blouse, a sweater or even the addition of a scarf or other face-framing accessory will add some diversity to your photos.  Think about the color you wear when others compliment you, or your favorite color. Avoid dramatic prints and patterns.
  2. Think about the place you'd like to be photographed in. This could be meaningful to both of you, such as, where you met or where you often go.  If it's a park, think about the season. Spring and Autumn have a wonderful charming warmth to them.  Summer brings a bounty of color in flowers. Winter can be starkly harsh unless the magic of a snowfall softens the landscape.   
  3. Bring your props. This could be something from a shared hobby or sport such as a softball mitt, hats or shirts; a musical instrument, or even your beloved pet. Let your photographer know what you are bringing so they can formulate some really great ideas to incorporate your interests into your photos.  If you have something specific in mind (such as a chalkboard with your date), tell your photographer and ask him or her if they can help out.
  4. Have a back up plan. Weather can be unpredictable. For example, if you were planning a session around the fall colors but a sudden rainfall caused the leaves to drop, you'll want to think about another indicator of the season (pumpkin patch!). If you were planning a romantic ice skating session but a warming trend renders the pond dangerous, think about using the scenery as a background.  Summer rain could discourage your walk in the park but an umbrella makes a stunning prop.

Everything has a plus side to it. For more great ideas, give me a call and we can schedule your engagement photo session. Consultations are always free! (908) 229-1694.


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