The Value of Bridal Shows

November 19, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Getting married, or know someone who is?  Guaranteed you (or they) do not have all the details finalized and are looking for great ideas to incorporate into the wedding.  There are generally three types of people who could gain value and a whole lot of knowledge by attending bridal shows:

  1. "I haven't the faintest idea of what I need, what to do, or how to go about planning a wedding."
  2. "I pretty much know what I what but need to confirm my choices and settle on some wedding providers."
  3. "I got this.  Let's just confirm my decisions by comparing my choices with the other competition."

and the fourth one:

      4.  "I'm with her (or him)."

So, what do you expect to find at bridal shows? Grab some great ideas from all the vendors and discover what ELSE you can do besides, hotel, caterer and music.  Elegant hand-lettered stationery! Killer decorations! Epic DJ shows! Heirloom photo albums! Jewelry, makeup, hair designs, limousines, gourmet wedding cakes, custom floral designs, gowns, tuxedos. It's all there and waiting to be discovered!

Do you just want to browse or do you want to spend time finding out about each vendor?  Browse at the bridal expos - there will be hundreds of vendors at these mega shows, just waiting to share their knowledge with you.  Visit with each vendor and find out about their specialized wedding service at the boutique shows where each vendor has more time to spend with you.

ALL bridal shows have a fashion show, just to get you drooling over the gowns and tuxes and MOST have giveaways. Taste the cake, stay for the appetizers and fashion show and come back armed with a whole lot more information about wedding providers and wedding planning.

Find me at select bridal shows throughout the New Jersey area this coming Winter and Spring. Photographing your wedding is an honor I take seriously - I know it's your very first family heirloom. Stop by and say hi or call me for your free wedding consultation - (908) 229-1694. If I see you at the show, be sure to enter MY drawing for a free engagement photo session. It's valued at $250.00!!



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