I Love Uncle Bob

December 07, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I love my Uncle Bob, I really do!  He shows up to all the family events, tells jokes, drinks with the guys and always compliments Aunt Liz on the cooking.  He's a regular guy!  He also takes lots of pictures whenever we get together. When we see the snapshots, everyone comments on how great someone looks, or what a wonderful time they had.

The problem is, Uncle Bob is not a professional photographer.  He never pretends to be, he just takes pictures. So, when Uncle Bob got a brand new camera, cousin Sally asked him to take her wedding pictures. When I reminded her that a milestone moment, like an engagement should be done by a professional, she brushed me off. "We can't afford that. We're trying to save to buy a house."

A few years later, Becky got engaged and thought about a "real" photographer for her wedding. 

It's not hard to figure out that Becky's photos are fabulous - showing off her youthful radiance.  The engagement photos were used for her "Save the Date" cards, her Thank You cards after the wedding, her Christmas cards and the best one is framed on her wall. Becky will always have great memories of her and Jim's early love that she can show to her children, her nieces and nephews, and even her grandchildren.  Sally's pictures are in a shoebox in the back of her closet.  I last saw them, blurry and faded, a few years ago. She's still married to Greg, but that house they were saving for? They're still saving for it.

Money is important but when it comes to memories, for the sake of your future, don't compromise. Invite Uncle Bob to the family barbecues and the important events, but hire a professional photographer for your keepsake moments. As a professional photographer located in New Jersey, I am available for YOUR keepsake moments. 908-229-1694.


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