Wedding Photography - Priceless Future Value

December 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

When a clueless bride gets religion and dives head first into the bridal industry, you just know she's got a ton of war stories to tell and you'll want to listen to every last one of them.  After all, if you can avoid mistakes, who'd not want to? And the fact that she's learned well and become a wedding planner herself, just adds a measure of credibility that you HAVE to believe!

Lauren Grove was a self-described "clueless" bride who, after going through what she did, wants you to have the best possible experience at your wedding.  To that end, she jumped into the wedding industry and is a successful wedding planner in Florida. One of her blogs really struck a chord with me and it's one that I love. "I Hired A Cheap Photographer (And It's My Biggest Regret)" Is a subject near and dear to my heart and should resonate with brides.  Don't stop reading at the end of the blog; be sure to take in all the comments - they're from brides like you!

Essentially, we are all on a budget and looking for shortcut routes everywhere in order to make every dollar stretch as far as it possibly can.  Lauren asks you to investigate the REAL cost of professional photography and invest the money into this lifelong memory of your once-in-a-ifetime event. Expensive now? Perhaps.  Priceless future value? ABSOLUTELY!!


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