HELP!! What is YOUR Take on a Wedding Reception Flow??

October 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I'm really puzzled! I've been advising brides on reception flows and how to maximize theirs and their guest's enjoyment for a number of years but I was recently invited to a wedding (one I did not work at), and through the ENTIRE reception (cocktail hour, dinner, toasts, EVERYTHING), the DJ played dance music. Guests got up to dance between the salad course and the main course - - didn't pay attention to the toasts - - even while the wedding cake was being cut!  Of course, this means the attending children were continually running from table to table and eating from their own plates, their grandparents' plates, and each others' plates. Guests trying to eat were bumped by those on the dance floor. No quiet time for visiting or conversations.

I really thought it was rather chaotic and distracting to not have the bride and groom be the center of attention during their MAIN EVENT but that is how it was orchestrated.

Now, as I said, I'm puzzled. Is this the millennials trademark? Should we all be multi-tasking at everything we do, sacrificing a once-in-a-lifetime spotlight in favor of a current trend?

I'm sure dancing is important, but so is a dinner that obviously was thoughtfully selected, and probably expensive.

Please, readers, tell me if I'm wrong in making sure an event flows smoothly so, as a photographer, I can carefully record and document everything that happens. This becomes difficult, if not impossible if there is no focus to an event. I really felt sorry for the photographer in charge of making sure this wedding was cared for.

PLEASE POST YOUR RESPONSES TO THIS BLOG. If anything and as a wedding photographer, I need to know how to adjust my work to encompass this task if this is the new norm.  THANKS!!!!



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