Fall (and) In Love

November 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It seems I book a lot of engagement photo sessions in the Fall.  I think there's a really good reason for this, too! Other than the fact I've been told I take REALLY good photos, there is no more spectacular show of Mother Nature's coloring box than the Fall.  Autumn colors just seem to enhance the look of love in a couple's eyes. 

This past month's was no exception! With all the crazy weather we experienced here in New Jersey, Autumn color seemed to be a crap shoot but the day dawned for Trish's and Tony's appointment with a sparkling clarity. After a few days rain earlier in the week, we were assured of a nice run in the nearby stream and newly rinsed leaves.  Driving to Hacklebarney State Park in Chester, New Jersey, I was mesmerized by stunning displays and overjoyed with the results:


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