Class Action Suit Award Totals $5,000,000!

February 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Wow! And YOU'RE one of the names mentioned in the suit! (Along with 2.5 million others).  Let's see...  That means your total portion of the award is $2.00. Psst, don't tell anyone, but that's BEFORE the lawyers take their share.  So, if the lawyers get 40%, you're left with $1.20.  Hmmm.  Doesn't seem like it's hardly worth it now, does it?

Alrighty then, what's that got to do with wedding planning, wedding photography, or wedding budgets?


You have a guest list of 200, but you have confirmations for 225, You have a budget of $10,000.  The country club / restaurant / caterer / hotel is charging you $80 per person. That means you are already $8,000 over your budget and you don't have music, photography, flowers, a cake or even your dress yet.

Whoa! Wait! How'd I get those numbers?  Multiply $80 by the number of guests (225), and you get $18,000.

Now what do you do????  You have three options: (1) Find a cheaper venue [not easy], (2) cut down your guest list, or (3) increase your budget.

ALL your wedding suppliers have prices (they do this as a business and know what they need to charge in order to make a living). You can't go to all your suppliers after booking the Vanderbilt mansion and ask them to take pity on you (because you have a tight budget) and cut their prices for you. After all, your venue was WAAAAYYYYY over the top and now you want to cheap out?  Is that really fair for everyone else putting in their efforts towards your wedding?  That's like buying a Mercedes 650 SL and putting in wooden benches instead of seats.

I don't think you should rearrange your priorities about what is or isn't important in your wedding; I just don't think you should want the expensive packages that a big wedding comes with by bargaining or begging with your chosen vendors for their services. This is the one time in your life you want to be remembered as being the best of EVERYTHING - don't forsake any of the details in favor of only one. You can go big or go home; or you can do it right on a smaller scale.

And remember, good photography lives forever. Don't make a decision you'll regret after the fact. Call me for a free wedding photography consultation. 908-229-1694.


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