It's all about the details!

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Nothing makes a wedding ceremony and reception more personally yours than the details that say, "you."  If a wedding photographer skips those details, it's really just another party.  You've thought about your story and how you want it told to your guests.  You have your theme; you have your colors.  It's all taken a substantial amount of time and planning and careful execution and thought.  These are the things that will have your guests remembering your wedding for years to come.

Flowers:  Hey, they were expensive but the thing you liked the best was that you were able to incorporate a family memory as you walked down the aisle.   Grandma and Grandpa, as they appeared on their wedding day, can now walk with you and you have the photo of the detail to show.


Colors:  They were completely YOU. No one else could say they chose these colors in such a way they complimented every area of your wedding day.















Jewelry:  It was silver heart earrings. No, they were jewel hearts.  Let's remember it exactly, for the warmth and the memories; for the way they fit so snugly in the box before you put them on. 














Venue:  We both love farms, barns and horses. What says it better than the details on a barn door? 


Ceremony: As we became one, we blended our unity sand to create the beauty that us being a couple made. 

Afterwards: The feelings, the love, the emotions, The flower petals you walked on as you came up the aisle as a single woman and then down the aisle as a couple. The remnants of rice. How evocative! What a great photographer!

I'll capture it for you, for your children, for your grandchildren, for your memories for the generations yet to come. Call me - 908-229-1694!


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