Everything You Wanted to Know About Engagement Photo Sessions!

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What You Should Know Before Your E-Session

Engagement session FAQs

Why should we have an engagement session?

Well, first of all, because it’s fun! You’ll have an awesome time snuggling with your best friend for about 2 hours! You’ll get to know your photographer – it’s a great opportunity to see how the three of us will work together. You’ll get to know my personality and we’ll build a comfort level.  Engagement photos are great to use in your guest sign-in book for your wedding, your “save the date” cards and even your “thank you” cards. 

How long will our session last?

I usually allow about 90 minutes for each e-sesh, depending on weather, travel between locations, and how much fun we’re having!

Do we get to choose our location?












I understand there are places that are especially meaningful to you; maybe where you got engaged, your first date, your favorite place to visit, or where you just enjoy the scenery.  I’m always open to what you want AND you’ll probably be more relaxed on your own turf!

Most sessions are done outdoors to allow for a wide range of spontaneous movement however, we can get a great mix of your favs. I’d prefer not to take these pictures in the studio because, well, they just come out too stuffy and formal.

What should we wear?

It’s important for you be comfortable and BE YOURSELF! Please bring several outfits, and make sure you consider the entire outfit – head to toe! Many shots will show your entire body. Plan out your jewelry and your shoes, too. Don’t forget accessories – hat, scarf, sunglasses – they can really up the ante on your look! Go for different looks – dressy to casual. Try to avoid loud, splashy colors or patterns. If you like to coordinate your outfits, go for complementary color – don’t worry about different fabrics. And PLEASE don’t forget to bring a good pair of walking shoes since some areas may be grassy, muddy or damp.

How about props?












Bring ‘em! Especially if they mean something extra special to both of you. What are your hobbies? How would you like this slice of your life to be remembered in 20 or 30 years? What will make you laugh? Out of ideas – go to a local flea market or craft store and see what looks like fun!

Can we include our pet?

Absolutely! I love animals just as much as you do.  Just be sure to bring along someone who can watch your pet when they are not in the pictures and because we love them, make sure they are safe whether they are with you or not in the photos.

What if we’re not comfortable in front of the camera?

No worries!  It’ll be my pleasure to show you that’s simply not true. If you’re in love, that’s what the camera sees. I’ve found that most couples relax after about 10 minutes and that’s when we can really go to town!

Will you help us pose?

You bet! I know all the tricks to help you look beautiful, handsome, thinner, sexier and macho!

What’s the best time of day for pictures?

The light is much more complimentary about 2 hours after sunrise and 2 hours before sunset. If you’re planning hair and makeup sessions before the photos, please take this into account and reserve an afternoon session time.











What if the weather doesn’t cooperate?

Believe me, I’ve taken some of the greatest shots in some of the worst weather.  An umbrella makes a fabulous prop and is very useful!  Falling snow is very romantic; and wind can make your pictures absolutely epic!

When will we get to see our photos?

I always try to get your “sneak peek” up on my Facebook page within 48 hours. Look for it here: www.facebook.com/PhotographyByTwoWomen .  It’s always exciting to see that first look and you’ll want to share the page with all your friends and family!  (Be sure to “Like” my page for all the latest updates)

After that, the standard turnaround time should be in about a week. During my busy season, it may take up to 10 days.  I’ll send you a note when your images are posted to your password protected gallery so that way you can share them with family and friends.  Be sure to allow an extra month or two prior to the wedding, if you want to have a sign-in album created for your wedding guests.

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