Make Love - Not War

April 12, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Ah - - the watch words of the 60s. The country was seemingly embroiled in an eternal war and a generation protested it. What does it mean today?

Think about wars and where they occur. Yes, we could talk about oil and fuel resources, but I'm thinking about those economically poor countries where naked children play in dirt while parents must dig in the ground to make ends meet. These are where diamond mines are located. That beautiful, sparkly gem on your finger that says volumes about your love, your future and promise each holds.

Conflict-free diamonds are mined in countries where bloodshed does not occur due to the diamond industry. Did you know that there is another step the industry could take in making sure your diamond benefits more than the jewelry economy? Ethical diamonds are mined in countries that do not condone violence by companies that pay their workers benefits and fair wages to contribute to a healthy society. At last, someplace that believes that the love your diamond symbolizes means so much more.

Celebrities woke our consciousness to the environment by purchasing economical hybrid cars and soon everyone wanted one. Now they are doing the same with Ethical diamonds. George Clooney gave Amal Alamuddin a beautiful 7+ carat Ethical diamond when they got engaged.

Natalie Portman's ring from Benjamin Millepied was a conflict-free 4+ carat double-halo ring. As a human rights activist and vegetarian, we would expect nothing less. 

There are others: Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz, and Alicia Silverstone to name a few.

Maybe there's nothing bigger than YOUR love, but think about how your love affects the world.  Think about how your love can go beyond just the two of you. Then make sure you book your engagement session with your soon-to-be person, and your beautiful stone, so your pictures will remain forever! Call me! 908-229-1694.


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