The Importance of Business Photographs

June 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

So you think you're not important to have your photo professionally taken?  That fuzzy selfie is perfect for your LinkedIn, Facebook or other social media account?  Think again...

The camera on your smart phone is not as smart as you think.  There are number of factors that render a perfect photo of you that simply cannot be done on a cell phone. I could go into great technical detail as to WHY it's not as good but simply put, the lens on your phone is NOT a Portrait lens - - it's an all-purpose lens. A professional photo also incorporates lighting, background, exposure and a lot of other elements that have you looking your best. It's not a quickie shoot and post that has red-eye, flash bounce from the background or washed out highlights.  I'm not saying these grab shots aren't important... they provide a record of the fun you had with your friends when you went out; or they are snapshots of parties, get-togethers, or those all-important vacation shots.

Real Estate ProfessionalReal Estate Professioanl It's not really something that would accompany a professional paper, thesis or resume. And it really shouldn't be something you'd want next to your name on LinkedIn, or professional accreditation associations. If you worked hard in your professional career, gained certification, your photo should reflect your integrity and hard work. It illustrates a friendly and formal face to accompany your name, your company, your organization and/or your reputation.

Do you have that face on line?  Shouldn't you?  Give me a call so we can set something up.  If your hard work was important to achieve your status, your photo should be professional.  Call today - (908) 229-1694. Insurance ProfessionalInsurance Professional



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