Ten Hints to Look Epically Gorgeous for your Wedding Photographs

January 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It's Engagement Season!  It happens every year, from Thanksgiving to Valentines Day, more "will you" questions are popped than at any other time of the year - - AND NOW IT'S YOU!!

All brides are beautiful but just to make sure you are at your absolute best, here are ten hints to help you look stunning!

  1. One of the best ways to look good in  your wedding photos is to hire a professional photographer. The is one of the most important days of your life and it's just not worth gambling with your wedding memories by hiring an inexperienced photographer or worse yet, leaving it in the hands of a good friend with a good camera. NOTHING MAKES UP FOR EXPERIENCE.
  2. Get your hair and makeup done. Ask for a trial beforehand to make sure you are happy with how it looks. 
  3. Buy a dress that looks great on the body you have, not the body you'd like to have. Whether you are slim or curvy, there is a dress out there that is flattering for you. Have fun with accessories: a little bit of bling or a feather jacket can look great in photos. Think about your veil length or go glam with a birdcage.
  4. SMILE! It may be obvious but don't worry about the details on your day. Just enjoy it - and if something goes wrong NO ONE will know because your beautiful smile says you are not worried.
  5. Practice smiling. It's not always about pearly whites in the lens. Try a variety of expressions for the camera. Serious, sexy, smoldering. If you remember to breathe through your mouth during the non-smile photos, it softens the look.
  6. Mom was right - stand up straight! Slouching is not attractive and when you look taller, you look more slender.
  7. If you don't have toned arms, don't squash them against your body. Move them slightly away from your body (no more than an inch or two) and your arms will magically appear slimmer.
  8. Book a pre-wedding shoot with your photographer. Most people have never been professionally photographed before their big day, so it's a good idea to experience it beforehand. It also makes for a great intro to your photographer and how she works. You'll feel more confident and relaxed in your photos with just that little bit of comfort.
  9. Leave enough time for your photographs. You won't look or feel rushed. 45 to 60 minutes for couples photos is just about right.
  10. Listen to your photographer. We know what we are trying to create and we've done this before. 

Call for your free wedding photography consultation and ask me about posing hints.  (908) 229-1694.  There's no substitute for experience.




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