Photography By Two Women | About
Hey there! I am Pamela Winter and here's just a bit about me...

I love:
  • Nature – in all her glory! I am captivated by an early morning sunrise and excited about a thunderstorm. I still look for cloud animals, ladybugs and fireflies as an adult! Fresh cut grass is a smell I can never get enough of!

  • Art with a message! Big, bold paintings that fairly scream at the world with their beauty!

  • Puppies, kittens and babies! It’s really hard to find a baby anything that isn’t cute!

  • Nerdy me loves history! It’s the heritage in all of us and the legacy left to us by our ancestors.

  • My morning coffee! No frou-frou for me – just STRONG (jet fuel type) coffee.

  • Creating beauty for my clients! Nothing makes me happier than seeing your face as you see how beautiful you look in photos.

Capturing emotions is important to me. It means the feelings from your wedding will live for generations. (That’s the history thing for me!)

Not too crazy about:
  • Reality television (it’s weird how they have to stage it and rehearse it - - loses its reality luster for me)

  • Pushy drivers! We’re all trying to get someplace on time – people have to learn to plan ahead and play fair

  • Lines at stores! Ugh! It’s what keeps me home on Black Friday

Passionate about:
CREATING! Photography – Painting – Drawing – Sculpting – even baking!

I’ve had a brush/camera/charcoal pencil in my hand since I was seven! I can’t get enough!

I look forward to capturing your wedding with

Call me and let’s explore how our worlds can combine to bring you your history with my passion! (908) 229-1694