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What is your BZQ (Bridezilla Quotient)? FIVE telltale signs

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You could be a bridezilla if...

  •  You believe you are entitled to free or reduced-fee services or add-ons

Your vendors are happy to serve you to the best of their ability.  They know their success, and their future business, is dependent on your happiness.  Don't try to wiggle extra goods or services out of your vendors - you have a contract that specifies exactly what you do and do not receive (the deal is the deal).  Keep in mind that the value you receive is, in most cases, directly proportional to the amount you pay.  You cannot receive that $8000 wedding photo package for $500.  My husband likes to remind me, the great bargain hunter, that TNSTAAFL (there's no such think as a free lunch).  That means when you get a good deal, somewhere down the line, it's going to cost you....

  • You LOVE lace (or anything else) so you believe all your guests will think this is the best wedding ever...

Your tastes are suited to you and you are entitled to have your wedding perfectly suited to your tastes.  However, that does not mean your guests will automatically gush about your wedding for years to come. Believe it or not, Most guests come to a wedding for the joyful feeling of love you and your partner share, and not to dress elegantly and show off jewels and precious metals.  Your own comfort level will determine the happiness level of your guests.

  • You believe the difference between robin's egg blue and Tiffany blue will make or break your wedding decor

It doesn't matter to guests and it won't matter to you after some time has passed.

  • You demand blind obedience and perfection from your wedding party members

Your friends and family are there to share your joy and support you but you must remember to be thoughtful and sensitive to their needs. If you fret and cause stress, you could be doing more harm than good - bridal party members could gain weight or have skin problems. Dial it back; no one has walked on water in over 2,000 years so don't expect it now from those you should be relying on for their loving support.

  • You plan levels of detail that go beyond the electron microscopic level and then micromanage your planners and wedding providers

Hey, mistakes happen.  Think of them as an opportunity for entertainment.  Little mistakes? Most likely your guests will never know the difference.  TRUST that everyone wants your wedding to be as good as you want it to be.  And guess what? Your wedding providers have done this before - - can you say the same for yourself?

Your wedding is for the time of your life - Make it a good experience for everyone!  Check your attitude at the door.


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