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Photo Albums: Professional versus DIY

March 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Are you requesting your wedding photos on a DVD? What are brides doing with those DVDs of their wedding photos?

Short Answer: NOTHING

You know you wanted an album but didn't want to pay those professional prices. DIY?  What about quality? Gosh, that album my photographer showed me was SOOOO pretty! I want one like that.

Sorry, those albums are only sold to professionals for resale to customers... 

I wanted to make my own album but then, you know, life happens...

It costs WHAT??

Read more about a recent survey on wedding albums here and learn all the (hard truth) answers about unrealistic expectations.

When you're done reading, come back and contact me about taking YOUR wedding photos and actually doing something with them. I'll design your album and you can choose from some of the finest professional albums on the planet.  Take a look:

Finao Albums


Venice Albums

Album Epoca

Huntington House Books

SC Albums

Is your mouth watering?  Shouldn't your wedding be celebrated and your photos be advertised?  Ask yourself - - do you regret your decision to not have an album done? It's not cheap - but it's forever! This is the one thing from your wedding that your children can touch and experience, even though they weren't there. This is something to share with your grandchildren.  CALL ME!!  (908) 229-1694 - -  I'll take that CD or DVD and design a timeless album you'll ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!


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