Photography By Two Women | LOVE WINS!!!!


June 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

You're probably going to be seeing a lot on the Marriage Equality subject over the next few weeks and a lot of the buzz is going to come from wedding service providers.  Yes, it's true that wedding vendors now have a wider area of clients with whom to provide their services, and some are going to jump into the pool with both feet. The potential problem I see is that although we should not discriminate with our customers, some providers simply do not feel comfortable in this new area.

I've been photographing weddings for quite a long time and for me, the only thing to capture in a couple's eyes and on their faces, is the look of love. You see, it really doesn't matter if a wedding is same sex, biracial, or traditional. The commonality is love.  And, this week, Love Wins!  Two people come together and see beyond the surface into their partner's heart and soul.  You know, that good stuff that tells you, "This is right - - this is my home - - this is my life."

When you choose a photographer to capture the moment of oneness, choose one who can prioritize love over everything. Call me for your wedding, ceremony, reception, renewal. It's okay, I love people in love. (908) 229-1694.


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