Photography By Two Women | From You

Ben & Yoyo


Pam, you are incredible!  I LOVE, LOVE LOVE, my pictures!  Without you, we'd still be stuck in the park! You went WAY above and beyond in making sure we not only got the pictures we love, but to be a friend!  You are so totally cool to know and I'm thrilled I had a chance to work with you!  I told you - - and I meant it - - you have my complete recommendation!!!


Yoyo & Ben











John & Kyler


I cannot tell you how incredible it was to work with someone who was not only sensitive to our needs, but worked to make my wife  and my parents feel so comfortable! I knew my mom and dad fell in love with you when they invited you back to the Morning-After breakfast!  I am so glad we connected with you and the gift you brought us with your wonderful photography!  Thank you for being responsive to our needs - thank you for being responsive to our schedule - thank you for being you!

All the best, John, Kyler & Katrina











Denise & Steve

Pam was so easy to work with. Her schedule stayed flexible to always fit us in. Because I have health issues, it wasn't always east to connect with us but Pam stayed right there with us through conflicts and changes.  At one point, she even stepped in to help with negotiations with our venue. She also worked creatively within our budget which made it less stressful. We loved her photo ideas (my favorite is our rings in the Bible and the heart shadows they made on the page) and her sense of fun when it came to our group shots.  Thanks for being there for us!
Love, Denise & Steve


Cyncoya & Will
Pam & Genevieve were an absolute delight to work with! They were both so responsive and knew exactly what we wanted in the way of our photos.  We couldn't have asked for anything more! They always seemed to be right there whenever we wanted a special moment captured and nothing seemed to ruffle them.  Nothing was too much to ask and it just seemed like our every wish was granted.  The "first look" pictures were exquisite and the fun part of our evening was right on in the pictures. These ladies were total professionals and we would highly recommend them!  I knew Pam thought I was special when she told me it was her husband's birthday but she was with us! That's dedication!




Kat & Andrew

Pam was wonderful always there to answer a question.Pam was very professional ontime. The pictures came out beautiful and excellent product.Very happy with Pam. Would reccommend Pam to others who are looking for a great photographer thanks Pam for a great day and excellent memories thanks again
Andrew And Kat Aitken

Kelly & Colin


I was totally taken with Pam the first time I met her!  She is just so genuine - you can tell she really loves what she is doing and was totally focused on us.  Working with Pam felt just like family - she is so warm and friendly and my pictures are INCREDIBLE!!  I know that afterwards, my mom asked her to fix some pictures (my grandfather was going through cancer treatments and she didn't want his bruises to show up in the pictures). Pam was more than happy to help us out to make sure we would LOVE - LOVE - LOVE her pictures and we do!  She even managed to catch some uninvited guests at the wedding - a fabulous pair of butterflies came visit us during the ceremony and we have proof of it!  I know these pictures are truly a part of my family's history and it makes me so proud that Pam took them!  THANK YOU!!!!!!!


Cindy & Frank


Outstanding! Beautiful! Jaw dropping!  And thank you for the book! Thank you for the beautiful memories! And of course, we will tell everyone, not that we haven't, to contact you for their occasions.
Warmly, Cindy & Frank

Julie & Ben


Wow! I could have been bridezilla for a day and it would not have mattered. These women were so incredible and delivered exactly what I wanted. The day was a blur but I am so glad I have the memories in pictures. I get to relive all the hours of my wedding over and over again. The ppictures of the details in the table settings and the beads in my dress made me cry when I saw them. I am so glad I have the book and CD of my pictures. Crazy good!

Theresa & Joshua

the wedding pictures, and service of such, was very exceptional. the photographer was extremely non intrusive to our ceremony and captured every moment, traditional as well as personal. Which, in turn, gave our photos a deep intimate meaning for us many years to come. Would recommend this photographer to anybody who is interested in their photos becoming and staying unique, classy, along with an extreme touch of sentimental value.

Piper & Dennis


Pam & Genevieve met and exceeded my expectations. They took the pictures I wanted, captured my memories forever and were NEVER intrusive in the wedding ceremony or the reception. The value I received for my money was phenomonal and would recommend them highly.

Tanya & Joe


We used 2 Women Photography for our wedding in May and couldn't be happier. They were most understanding, accommodating, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I interviewed a number of photographers, was I glad I did my homework, these 2 were amazing.

Pam & Mike


Thank you for creating my "forever" memories in such a beautiful and real way. I love it! You did a beautiful job and were NEVER in the way. You have my highest recommendation!